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EfN: Cyril, Part 6
It took them all some moments to determine exactly what had just happened. Ophelia picked twigs out of her hair and peered anxiously at their surroundings. The darkness was thick and heavy around her, obscuring all vision more than a few feet in front of her face. Dead and dying trees encircled them.
They call it the desolate forest, nothing more, and having travelled across the land and seen it with my own eyes, I concur that no other name is needed. For the creatures of the forest are hungry, and they are many, and though
“I say,” her recollections were interrupted, “That was all a bit rum, what?”
“You- Bloody hundreds of bloody years of-”
Ophelia shushed them both, and motioned them behind a large trunk. A high pitched, shrieking wail came to their ears, growing closer and closer and closer, joined with the rapid batting of large leathery wings. Algie moved to get a better look, but Ophelia grabbed his wrist and held it firm. Just a
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EfN: Cyril, part 5
Throughout his travels, Algie had always made a point of never preparing for anything. After all, was his reasoning, what if something unexpected happened? He’d have wasted an afternoon. As he sent a stack of scroll cases flying every which way on landing and gazed at his surroundings, he could not help but feel that this philosophy had served him well. After all, nothing could possibly have prepared him for the circumstance into which he had unceremoniously fallen.
The interior of the Pouch was huge, impossibly so (but that was a given), at least three times the size the ballroom had been, great towering mountains of tomes, staves, gems, robes, buckets, lanterns, ropes, vials, scrolls, amulets, jugs, masks, torches, carpets, goggles, boots, wands, rings, clocks, jugs, crystal balls, daggers, manacles, flasks, packs, gloves, bottles, and broken musical instruments stretched in all directions, lit by the glow from the Eye of Jherek and other luminous artifacts scattered acro
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While I'm getting my audition ready, thought I'd give something a bash. Ask anything about Harvey & Trixie and I'll do my best to answer. Have at it!


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